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Tips cycling comfort

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Top Tips for a smooth ride Benidorm Cycle Hire

  • Ensure your saddle is at your optimum height with knees only slighgly bent at lowest pedal position
  • Don’t change gear going up hill and try to keep the front gear in the middle position. If you use the high and low front gear ratios, then make sure you keep the chain in line with the rear cogs. Our staff can explain further!
  • Most of our gear breakdowns involve people being in the wrong gear and trying to pedal through a gear jam…this will rip off the rear derailleur. Beware – it happens to the best of riders somwetimes when speed is of the essence!
  • Feather the brakes when descending a gravel hill. Use 25% front brake – 75% rear brake and 100% common sense!
  • Avoid cycling through gorse, over cut or fallen branches. Our bikes are fitted with puncture resistant tyres but they aren’t thorn PROOF!
  • And remember to lock your bikes at all times when left unattended! Theft and damage will be your responsibility.
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